COVID-19 Response: Developing Best Practices While Working Remotely

Mar 30, 2020 | Articles, Company News

Given the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation, Nanotech has set up a quick response team to safeguard our top priorities – stakeholder health, safety and business continuity. Nanotech Security remains open for business and we have put numerous measures into place to ensure our operations run smoothly. We recognize that leveraging technology and empowering employees to follow best practices when they work from home is crucial!

Daily Huddles – Cross-functional teams video conference each other at least once a day to ensure everything is on track, orders can be shipped out on time, and there is minimal impact to our customer’s businesses.
Getting started early – Our office is operational at regular timings and our team focuses on getting a project started first thing in the morning, and reporting progress on it gradually throughout the day.
Technical support – We have provided employees with flexible work from home options, laptops, IT support and software to ensure that workdays can be structured exactly like it would in the office. Our remote access systems are solid, enabling our team to be highly responsive to business needs throughout this unprecedented situation.
Consistent Communication – The senior management team and HR send employees weekly updates, tips and measures for protection from corona virus and hold information sessions.

While working from home, remember to capitalize on productive and creative periods, and stay motivated to be in the right head space for collaborative tasks. Our team is adept at using video conferencing tools and instant messaging apps like Skype, Slack, Teams etc. to stay connected with colleagues remind them how their work is contributing to the big picture! Click here for more information on best Practices for remote staff.