A Nanotechnology-based Platform for Next-generation Optically Variable Devices

This paper introduces Nanotech’s optically variable device (OVD) platform technologies, based on sub-wavelength nano-scale structures and their novel processing for high throughput manufacturing. The origination of nano-scale master shims for embossing and casting has been optimized for precision and throughput of large-scale shims. This new technique for originating OVDs creates distinctive, highly visible colours that are much more discernable than current holographic micro-scale grating-based structures, even in low-light environments.

Nanographic Display Technology based on Subwavelength Diffractive Structures

Nanotech’s nanographic display technology employs sub-wavelength nano-scale diffractive structures and proprietary algorithms to enable high impact visual designs, product authentication, and brand protection. The technology’s visual effects include RGB true colour (24 bit), high-contrast movement, on/off effects, and image switches; all using diffraction efficiencies approaching the theoretical maximum. Viewing angles up to 180 degrees along the horizontal axis and pixel resolutions up to 12,700 ppi have also been demonstrated.