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Companies in the sports industry will agree that sporting goods are hotbeds of counterfeit merchandise. The sports industry has been dealing with the challenges posed by fake, unauthorized goods for years. The growing global popularity of events such as World Cups, Championship matches, and the Premier League makes this market an apparent and lucrative target.

Unauthorized distributors and sellers of sports merchandise often have the attitude that infringing goods are only a problem if they get caught or receive cease and desist letters. To them, they are just satisfying the demand for cheaper items that seem to function like name brand products.

Safeguard your official, authentic products with Nanotech’s security labels & brand protection solutions to protect licensee’s investment in the brand and affirms accurate royalty reporting, thereby maximizing revenue. Our next-gen secure technology offers a combination of overt, covert and forensic features that ensures authenticity.

Our Solution

We understand that Brand impersonation runs rampant, and it quickly permeates industries involved in sports and athletica retail. Nanotech is a leader in protecting authentic sports equipment, team memorabilia and event tickets using leading-edge nanotechnology. Nanotech develops custom security labels that are difficult to replicate due to our patented nano-optic technology developed for protecting banknotes from counterfeits. Our advanced authentication technology seamlessly integrates into hangtags for merchandise, smart packaging of sports goods, multiple substrates and invites consumers and fans to engage with the products to ensure the it is genuine. Nanotech Brand Protection solutions offer secure product authentication, track and trace capability and differentiated brand enhancing images.



Based on Nanotech’s LiveOptik® nano-optic display technology, LiveLogo™ security labels employ Nanotech’s image-switch technology to create a unique and compelling three-image story. LiveLogo’s rich colours capture and hold a customer’s attention as they tilt the product to experience multiple image transitions that can include movement and 3D depth.

LiveLogo™ security foils and labels are fully customizable and can include items such as a logo, tagline, product image and other security features that are near impossible to reproduce.

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Based on Nanotech’s LiveOptik® nano-optic display technology, LivePortrait™ security labels deliver high-fidelity images with striking visual elements to create a memorable and enduring visual experience. LivePortrait’s rich colours and ultra-high resolution images will “wow” customers as they inspect and authenticate the product.

LivePortrait™ security foils and labels are fully customizable and are ideal for showcasing an endorsement model or a high-fidelity product image that is near impossible to reproduce.

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Colour Shift optical thin film has been the standard in document and currency security for over two decades, providing exceptional security and intuitive authentication. Now available to protect products with a custom colour palette, LumaChrome™ is proven, secure, easy to use and durable.

LumaChrome™ Colour Shift foils and threads offer the brightest colour shift available in the market and are extremely difficult to simulate or reproduce due to the sophisticated production equipment and deeply specialized knowledge required in the manufacturing process.

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