LumaChrome Featured in Security Threads for Banknotes Report 2021

Apr 27, 2021 | Articles, Company News

LumaChrome colour-shifting film has been featured in the special report ‘Security Threads for Banknotes 2021’ published by Currency News. This report examines the evolution of security for banknotes, their types, latest technology developments (including optically variable effect windowed threads based on micromirror, lenticular, diffractive and colour shift technologies), material science, machine readability, design integration, incorporation, and future developments.

The report states that only few manufacturers of high security threads exist, with scarcity equaling security. A number of technically advanced and complex technologies are required in production, including high resolution demetallization, electron beam origination, high resolution gravure printing, magnetics, UV and a variety of exacting chemical and material science requirements – the accessibility of which is limited to a handful of producers. The reason for a rise in the use of threads is their multi-functionality, durability, versatility, and cost effectiveness. By being integrated into banknote substrates, high security threads are a considerable barrier to counterfeiters as they add extra protection against criminals, and especially against digital photocopying, scanning and reproduction. The report also highlights how threads are ubiquitous amongst banknote security features – appearing in 840 out of all the latest 1,026 banknote denominations currently in circulation.

Included in the report is the origin, history, and subsequent technology adaptation of Nanotech’s LumaChrome colour-shifting film. LumaChrome has been used in 30 banknote denominations and multiple secure ID applications in over 10 countries. Its impactful colours, vivid colour shift, ease of use, and durability have made it a standard in banknote and document authenticity for over two decades. To support the high volume production of LumaChrome, Nanotech utilizes two large roll-to-roll physical vapour deposition coaters in its highly secure production facility. Operating each coater at peak output, we have the capacity to achieve more than 250,000m2 of film a month. Nanotech is one of the few suppliers in the world capable of producing high-security colour-shifting film like LumaChrome. Security threads featuring LumaChrome film engage the user, help authenticate the banknote and easily integrate into the overall banknote design. The report is available for purchase here. To view Nanotech’s coverage within the report, please click here