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M² seamlessly combines programmable movement with colourful iconography without the need for lenses, mirrors or diffractive gratings. M² sets a new standard in authentication.

Ultra-thin | Ultra-HD | Ultra-secure

An extensive range of programmable features.


M² is highly customizable with respect to size, shape and colour. Ultra high definition details can be viewed with the naked eye or detected via specialized equipment.


M² has fast programmable movement enabled by our latest nano-optic technology.


M² enables high-resolution multi-colour images with dramatic inverting effects.

Why M²?


Thickness is indistinguishable from the substrate using our advanced M² nano-optic images without the need for lenses, mirrors or diffractive gratings.


Ultra-high definition M² nano-optic content works in virtually any condition with programmable animation speed and flexible design.


Our M² nano-optic technology is fully compatible with your product and seamlessly integrated into all manufacturing process.


M² provides multi-authentication with fully integrated overt and covert features.

Environmentally Conscious

M² nano-optic images are comprised purely of nanoscale holes – no dyes or pigments are involved.


We can apply M² to both paper and polymer substrates.

Examples of M² designs available

The ship inverts when tilted, fast movement in the border,
moving bar inverts the text, colours change on large tilt

Opposite movements on the feature, text sizes change when traveling up and down

Sphere with organic movement on a canvas

New Technology for the New Age

Our latest M² nano-optic technology produces ultra-HD images in an ultra-thin format suitable for integration into stripes and other surface applied features. It defines a new category for authentication.

Always Visible, Non-angular Dependent

With our advanced M² nano-optic technology, our feature works under virtually any lighting condition with 180-degree viewing.

Cannot be reverse-engineered

 The complex nano-technology behind M² ensures the shim cannot be reverse engineered, providing the ultimate level of security.