Nanotech’s KolourOptik® security platform uses advanced nano-optics for the most sophisticated security authentication on the market – it transcends barriers found in conventional holograms. KolourOptik technology is the first nanotechnology to seamlessly integrate into the commercial manufacturing process.

This is how we make magic a reality

Here are some steps to help you understand the technology better. In layman’s terms of course.

Custom Design

We start off by designing with a user-centric approach. KolourOptik can be customized to any shape, size or colour, with details that can be viewed with the naked eye or detected via specialized equipment.

Nano-scale Mastering

KolourOptik technology uses patented algorithms coupled with electron and ion beam technology to make hundreds of billions of extremely small holes (“nano-holes”) on virtually any material.

Light Interaction

The nano-holes interact with light as it hits the surface of the material to create unique optical effects that can be detected by the unaided eye or using specialized equipment.

Unique Optical Effect

The result is an optical effect which is easy to see and interpret while providing the ultimate in security.

Why KolourOptik?

Level 1 Overt Authentication

KolourOptik features are ultra-high resolution and can be viewed from long distances. These images distinctly turn ON and OFF and can be detected by the unaided eye.

Difficult to Counterfeit

The patented origination process and nano-scale technology make KolourOptik images virtually impossible to replicate or reverse engineer.

Demands Attention

The distinct look encourages investigation and is viewable in variable light conditions and at a distance.


KolourOptik can be applied on a wide range of materials ranging from metals, plastics, acrylic, cloth, paper substrates and more.

Environmentally Conscious

KolourOptik images are comprised purely of nano-scale holes in refined metals – no dyes or pigments are involved.

Ultra-high Definition

>500,000 DPI and 50,000 PPI produces both large and small images that are ultra-high definition.

Examples of available designs

Bold, singular colours that pop


Using a blend of RGB colours to produce photo-like images

Three-dimensional properties add depth to your security image

Using light through an image to make colours appear

We can be used for any authentication


Government ID

Tax Stamps

Luxury Goods

Event Tickets


Hard to Make = Hard to Counterfeit

We manufacture KolourOptik images using the most advanced optical technology available. As a result, the KolourOptik features are visually unique while providing the ultimate in security.

Years of Research, Specialized Equipment

It has taken Nanotech’s team many years to develop the entire KolourOptik process. This process requires patented algorithms, extremely skilled personnel, sophisticated multimillion-dollar equipment and class 1 clean rooms to effectively fabricate master shims while keeping security a priority.

Cannot be Reverse Engineered

Once built, an origination wafer can be used to produce a subsequent master shim – suitable for high-speed, large-volume production. The requirements for production and the nano-scale of this technology ensures the shim cannot be reverse engineered, thereby providing the ultimate in security.

3 Levels of Security

KolourOptik technology is the first to encompass the “3 Level Conventional Security Pyramid”, Level 1 – Overt, Level 2 – Covert and Level 3 – Forensic; all-in-one product.