Dynamic Portrait™

Nanotech’s Dynamic Portrait platform brings together high-fidelity images with striking visual elements to create a memorable and enduring visual experience.

Unique | Striking | Memorable

Dynamic Portrait enables the display of images far beyond print resolution. Text and other design elements can be added for additional brand impact and authentication.


Design Sample

*Design sizes range from: 3mm x 3mm to 50mm x 50mm

Why Dynamic Portrait?


The distinctive image switch effect creates interest and demands attention.


Corporate branding and detailed imagery can be combined to create a powerful visual impact.


Multiple design features come together to create a visual experience that is meaningful and long-lasting.

Difficult to Counterfeit

The patented origination process makes Dynamic Portrait images virtually impossible to replicate or reverse engineer.


Dynamic Portrait can be applied to a wide range of materials including paper and polymers.

Environmentally Conscious

Dynamic Portrait images are comprised purely of nanoscale holes in aluminum – no dyes or pigments are involved.