Colour Shift

Colour shifting optical thin film has been the standard for document security for over two decades, and for good reason: it provides the ultimate in security yet is very simple to use. It is also one of the most durable overt security features, with little to no loss in its characteristics when crumpled.

Trusted technology worldwide


Viewing Position 1

Colour Shift has thin film layers that filters light through. When viewing directly, the light that is reflected back through the thin film produces a colour; in this example magenta.

Viewing Position 2

When Colour Shift is tilted and viewed at an angle, the light that is reflected back produces a second colour; in this example the colour green.

Why Colour Shift?

Level 1 Overt Authentication

Colour Shift provides easy and fast authentication that is extremely hard to replicate.

Difficult to Counterfeit

A complex manufacturing process makes Colour Shift virtually impossible to replicate or reverse engineer.

Demands Attention

The distinct look encourages investigation and is viewable in variable light conditions and at a distance.

Extremely Thin

Our Colour Shift optical thin film is 200 nanometres in thickness. This means you need to stack 375 of them to reach the thickness of an average human hair!

Environmentally Conscious

Colour Shift is comprised of nano-scale optical thin film materials. It is chemically stable and non-toxic.


Colour Shift can be applied on a wide range of materials ranging from metals, plastics, acrylic, cloth, paper substrates and more.

Examples of Colour Shift designs available

Hard to Make = Hard to Counterfeit

Colour Shift is very difficult to simulate. In addition to involving extremely sophisticated production equipment, the technology is challenging to manufacture and requires deeply specialized knowledge.


Colour Shift has excellent compatibility for longer-lasting banknote substrates as its characteristics experience little to no loss with wear and tear to the paper or polymer.

Proven Technology

Colour Shift is a proven technology, originally developed to combat banknote counterfeiters. This product can be seamlessly integrated into your product.