To support the deployment of the KolourOptik® and Optical Thin Film platforms and the global need for high quality and effective security authentication, Nanotech offers end-to-end professional services based on our in-house nano-optics expertise.

Custom graphic art design and consultation

Our graphic experts can consult on how to leverage KolourOptik features to best suit your security requirements.



Optic design simulation

Using proprietary software for modelling optical effects, we can show you how your final design will reflect light.


We engineer the nano-structured origination wafers based on patented fabrication processes which achieve optimal nano-optic structures and resulting security images.



Replication and recombination

We use the production shim with our production machinery to generate finished nano-hole structures on materials in large volumes, quickly and cost-effectively, and without changes to the inline manufacturing processes.


Ready to deploy KolourOptik or OTF technology?