Nanotech Security Corp. Selected to Present at Exclusive Document Security Conference

Vancouver, British Columbia, January 28, 2014: Nanotech Security Corp. (“NTS”) (TSX-V: NTS) today announced that the Company has been selected to present a technical paper at the prestigious bi-annual Optical Document Security Conference in San Francisco, January 29-31, 2014. The paper, titled “Combinatory Nanostructure Arrays for Multi-Faceted, Multi-Level Security OVDs,” will discuss the science behind Nanotech’s technology and its unique ability to produce intense high definition optically variable devices (OVDs). The paper discusses photo- realistic colour shifting images, multi-frame animations, and plasmonic colours created in many materials using nano-scale surface structures via Nanotech’s patented process. The paper was co-written by Clint Landrock, M.A.Sc., executive vice president of products; Yindar Chuo, Ph.D., principal nanofabrication engineer; and Badr Omrane Ph.D., principal research engineer. This is the second time Nanotech has been invited to present at the conference.

“An invitation to participate at Optical Document Security 2014 is a tremendous honor for our Company and a great opportunity to associate with the world’s best researchers, developers and manufacturers in optical feature based document security,” said Mr. Landrock. “The conference attracts the most innovative technologies and companies, and has become known as a place to present and discuss breakthroughs that are moving banknote and document security technology forward.”

Mr. Landrock added, “During our first Optical Document Security conference in 2012, we demonstrated an early version of our technology and showed how it could advance the industry once it was completed. When we return to the event next week, we will have a product that is market-ready. We are looking forward to demonstrating KolourOptik’s many advantages, including stunning photo quality ON/OFF images and animation that are all reproducible at a cost projected to be extremely competitive within the current market place.”

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About Nanotech Security Corp:

Nanotech Security Corp. is a leading innovator in the design and commercialization of advanced security products and solutions. Nanotech Security Corp. is continuing to expand on its developed patented nanotechnology for authentication, brand protection and anti- counterfeiting markets. The technology platform uses advanced nano-optics for the most sophisticated authentication and brand identification available on the market. Nanotech Security Corp. has developed technology and services in areas of criminal justice, infrared night- viewing, tracking security and forensics. The Company uses the trademarks KolourOptik®, Plasmogram® for its products.

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