Online Brand Protection

Anti Counterfeit Solutions that Work Together

Nanotech offers comprehensive solutions that work together to protect supply chain integrity, confirm product authentication, and provide point-of-purchase consumer engagement. Overt authentication features included on our LiveLogo™, LivePortrait™, and LumaChrome™ nano-optic security labels can be combined with an extensive range of identification markers that include QR codes, serialization, production data, microtext, covert and forensic elements, and a suite of other unique identifiers.

Track and Trace

Supply Chain Insight

Our solutions allow manufacturers and brands to track and trace a wide variety of production variables, enabling insights into information that includes production location, dates, delivery routes, batch sizes, individual product and lot identification, and shrinkage. Our online brand protection and product authentication solutions help combat diversion and grey markets while delivering an appealing image that is nearly impossible to reproduce.

Point-of-Purchase Product Authentication and Engagement

An extensive range of product identification marks can be used in-store by consumers with smartphones to verify the authenticity and origin of a product.

Consumers have access to a range of product information including features, benefits, reviews and other pedigree information that serves to create a powerful link between the consumer and the brand. Nanotech customers have the ability to market to consumers after the sale, boosting repeat business and creating recurring revenue.

Brand Protection

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