Nanotech Newsbites – May 2020

May 20, 2020 | Articles, Company News


Nanotech’s KolourOptik Platform Finalist for Best New Currency Innovation by IACA

The nomination recognizes Nanotech’s recent advances in its KolourOptik® technology platform, specifically its innovative process of using hybrid micro and nanostructures for creating optically variable banknote security feature. Learn More


Sporting goods are hotbeds of counterfeit merchandise – what are you doing to protect your brand? Combat counterfeit sports and activewear merchandise with Nano-optic solutions that deliver enhanced security and appealing imagery that is customizable.



LumaChrome™ Colour-shifting Pressure Sensitive Adhesive labels for product authentication

These labels offer quick, intuitive authentication through a crisp colour transition when the viewing angle is changed. This Anti-counterfeiting solution is secure, simple to explain and easy to recognize at considerable distance and variable lighting conditions. Click here to learn more.


Enhanced Banknote Security with LumaChrome™ Colour-Shifting Film: Learn how Nanotech’s colour-shifting film’s impactful colours, simplicity to use, and durability made it the standard in banknote and document for over two decades.




LumaChrome - Banknote Security - Magenta Yellow - Nanotech

Shedding light on colour-shifting optical thin film

Get a technical deep dive into LumaChrome’s manufacturing, durability and overt security features. This is a proven anti-counterfeiting solution for banknote authentication, Govt. ID & high security documents. Learn More



The Week That Would Have Been – The Banknote Conference 2020

Before the rapid spread of COVID-19, The Banknote Conference would have taken place on May 11-14, 2020 in Washington, D.C. We truly miss being with the industry, connecting with customers and partners. Read More


Secure and Memorable Nano-Optic Technology for Immunity Certificates and Passports

Immunity certificates issued by Governments needs to be protected with next-gen authentication markers and anti-counterfeit technology to ensure that it cannot be replicated or misused. Read More


anotech - Virtually Irreplaceable - The Importance of CashVirtually Irreplaceable: The importance of cash

Since cash is an indispensable part of every stable economic system, it needs to be undeniably authentic, cost-effectively distributed and readily available. Read More


Nanotech - The KolourOptik Platform - KolourOptik Origination BannerThe KolourOptik Platform

KolourOptik serves as a platform for innovative manufacturing of security features, with a combination of hybrid micro and nanostructures that delivers movement, 3D depth, and multiple colours. Read More