Nanotech Newsbites – October 2020

Oct 8, 2020 | Articles, Company News


LiveLogo™ tamper evident security labels

Have you employed an anti-counterfeit solution and still see dupes of your products and labels in the marketplace?
Are your customers looking for a simpler method to quickly validate a product in seconds?

Based on Nanotech’s LiveOptik™ anti-counterfeiting nano-optic display technology, LiveLogo™ tamper evident labels deliver enhanced security and provide the ‘shelf impact’ the brand desires. Click Here to request samples.

  • Image-switching – create a unique and compelling story on your label
  • Immediate visual impact – capture your customers’ attention with superior visuals
  • Customizable –  Include your brand’s logo, tagline, or product
  • On/Off design – Unique effects and validation markers offer quick authentication
  • Security Options – Add QR codes, serialization, microtext and more for track & trace needs

3 must-have unique effects for security labels

Nanotech has launched a new blog series on the must-have unique effects for security labels with nano-optic technology. What are the unique effects ultimately displayed on the label that really help a customer authenticate a product in seconds? Are there certain effects observed by the human eye that resonate with the user and create a secure and memorable brand impact? All these questions answered and more! Read Now



Nanotech Secures Multi-year Brand Protection Contract with CONCACAF

Nanotech has been selected as the exclusive supplier of authentication labels to protect licensed merchandise for the Confederation of North, Central America, and Caribbean Association Football (Concacaf). Concacaf is one of FIFA’s six continental confederations, serving 41 Member Associations. Secured with Nanotech’s LiveOptik™ technology, the labels will be used for Concacaf events and competitions. Read Now



Nanotech Wins LumaChrome Security Film Order for Middle Eastern Central Bank

Nanotech announces an order for 156 km of LumaChrome™ colour-shifting security film to be used by a Middle Eastern Central Bank. The LumaChrome security film has been delivered to the Company’s conversion partner for this project, where it will be converted into thread for over 200 million banknotes in two separate denominations. Read Now


Nanotech Wins $6.7 Million Purchase Order

Nanotech announces it has been awarded purchase orders to advance its confidential development contract to the next stage. Over the past five years, Nanotech has generated revenue from a paid development contract to design a unique security feature for a potential future banknote based on the Company’s next generation nano-optic technology. Read Now




Nanotech Announces LumaChrome Film Order for Asian Central Bank

Nanotech announces the delivery of LumaChrome™ colour-shifting film to a major banknote and secure document integration supplier. Nanotech has supplied the film to this customer to convert it as a security thread for banknotes for an Asian central bank. The materials will be used for a single denomination of approximately 400 million banknotes. This order represents more than 20 consecutive years that LumaChrome film has been supplied for this specific banknote denomination. Read Now



New Whitepaper: Depth Perception

Our new whitepaper on ‘Depth Perception – An Important Authentication Tool for Security Features’ addresses the need for new anti-counterfeit technology that can provide secure and fast visual authentication. This requires harnessing non-print based visual effects such as 3D stereo-depth and movement with colour and high contrast, while maintaining the standard for mechanical robustness and durability.



Dive into the world of anti-counterfeit technology with our new video series! Click any of the machine thumbnails to go behind the scenes and discover how high quality security films are produced.