Nanotech Newsbites – March 2021

Mar 31, 2021 | Articles, Company News, Newsletter



Next-gen Technology for Security Features on Banknotes

With over 170 billion new banknotes put into circulation annually and instances of counterfeit currency on the rise, the need for innovative currency authentication and anti-counterfeiting solutions is a priority for central banks. Nanotech’s products for polymer and paper banknotes include foils, threads, and stripes that combine movement, 3D depth, and colour to deliver uncompromising security and quick authentication. Click here to learn more about our currency protection solutions.


Nanotech Launches LiveOptik PROTECT Security Foil for Brand Protection

LiveOptik™ PROTECT security foil is designed specifically for the brand protection industry, with input from channel partners. It is offered as an in-stock wallpaper design in a bulk roll format. Channel partners can easily convert the foils into various finished offerings and market them directly to their customer base. Read Now



Channel Vision: Established Products, Evolved Formats

The start of 2021 is already proving to be a year of innovation! Our channel partners have done a great job converting our security films and foils into multiple formats for the brand protection, smart packaging and secure document industry. Along with a crisp colour shift, LumaChrome is now available with UV locks, custom laser engravable brand elements, QR codes, barcodes, state & corporate logos, serial numbers and even micro text if required. Click here to learn more.


KolourOptik Customization Capabilities

Looking for a security feature where every design element is customizable to suit your needs? Nanotech’s KolourOptik technology offers an extensive range of customization options for security features on banknotes, commemorative notes & government documents. A unique combination of exceptional visual effects, dual 100kV e-beam lithography originations and proprietary software result in uncompromising security and limitless design flexibility. Click here to learn more about customization capabilities.




Nanotech Wins New Recurring Business for Secure Film

Nanotech announces a new sales win of high-resolution security film for a North American partner in the brand protection market. Our continuous investment in R&D is leading to new and innovative films that allow consumers to authenticate genuine products at the point of purchase. Read Now.


Nanotech Acquires New Patent Portfolio

Nanotech announces the acquisition of a patent portfolio from Adigy Canada Inc. It consists of six patents, three in each of the Canadian and United States markets which relates to innovative methods for creating customized optical devices. This acquisition adds to Nanotech’s already strong patent portfolio bringing it to 46 patents. Read Now


Brand Protection Win from Canadian Vita

Nanotech has won new brand protection business with Canadian Vita Corporation, Canada’s leading ginseng supplier. Nanotech will supply custom LumaChrome™ colour-shifting labels with printed logos and trackable serial numbers for Canadian Vita’s ginseng products. Read Now


Nanotech Appoints Banknote Industry Veteran Richard Rowe to Board of Directors

Nanotech announces the appointment of Richard Rowe as an independent Director of the Company effective immediately. Mr. Rowe is an accomplished executive with more than 30 years’ experience including 12 years in the government and banknote industry. Most recently he was President, US Government Products at Crane Currency, where he was responsible for strategy, direction and execution of currency and passport products to the US Government. Read Now 




Using nano-optics to create a new, highly secure brand protection solution

This paper explores Nanotech’s diffractive OVD technology based on nano-scale structures and their exceptional diffractive visual characteristics. Learn how Nanotech’s LiveOptik Protect security foil was created with unique multi-image, on-off visual effects that are easy to validate, making it an excellent anti-counterfeit solution.


Currency News Feature

Nanotech’s innovative process of using hybrid micro and nanostructures to create optically variable security features was featured in the latest issue of Currency News. These hybrid nano-scale structures are more efficient than traditional grating and lens-based optics, as low aspect ratios lead to mechanically robust structures in thinner material layers. Read Now