Nanotech Newsbites – December 2020

Jan 4, 2021 | Articles, Company News, Newsletter


Nanotech Presents ‘The Importance of 3D Stereo Depth in Authentication’ at The Holography Conference

The presentation was scheduled under the ‘Innovation and the Next Frontier’ session of the conference and covered the process of depth perception, its importance in verification, and information on KolourDepth®—a premier security feature with 3D stereo depth, movement and multiple colours, that provides secure, memorable, and fast visual authentication. View slides.


Knock off the knock offs

When was the last time your brand updated its’ security labels? Why is it important to change your security features regularly? How often should a team refresh brand protection products? All these questions answered and more in our new industry insight series! Read Now.


Counterfeit Components Threaten Electronic Supply Chains

Electronic equipment manufacturers and their customers are growing cautious about counterfeit electronic components. According to the Alliance for Gray Market and Counterfeit Abatement, it is estimated that legitimate electronics companies miss out on about $100 billion of global revenue every year because of counterfeiting. Read our blog on effective approaches to avoiding counterfeits in this industry. Read Now.

Counterfeit Products with Serious Side Effects

Manufacturing and trafficking of counterfeit goods poses a substantial health and safety threat to consumers. Read our latest post to learn more about products that are particularly dangerous when targeted by counterfeiters. With fakes and shipments of unlicensed products on the rise, the need for innovative brand and counterfeit protection solutions combined with clear visibility of the supply chain is vital to brand owners in these industries. Read Now.



LumaChrome Colour-Shifting Film – New Formats for the Brand Protection Industry

Address consumer counterfeit concerns and drive product authentication with LumaChrome. Security features and options for LumaChrome brand protection labels now include:

Custom printed and laser etched logos

Black and laser etched serial numbers barcodes, and QR codes


Intaglio Printing

Covert features like UV Inks and Taggants


Six unique colour shifts are available exclusively for the brand protection marketplace with product constructions that include: PSA labels, Tamper-evident Void footprint labels, Cold Foil, and Hot Stamping Foil. Read Now.





Currency News feature

Nanotech’s article on depth perception has recently been featured in Currency News by Reconnaissance International. Understanding how humans see objects in 3D is very important in understanding how stereo-depth images appear on thin and small security features, especially on banknotes. 3D depth perception comes from the brain’s ability to combine two 2D images in such a way that it extrapolates depth. Read Now.




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