M2 Security Labels

An Exceptional Blend of Banknote Security and Flexible Design

Based on Nanotech’s KolourOptik® nano-optic display technology, M²™ anti-counterfeiting labels deliver movement, multiple colours, and image inversion in a wide array of custom design options that capture and hold the user’s attention as they inspect and authenticate a banknote or government document. M² anti-counterfeiting labels, stripes and foils are nearly impossible to reproduce or reverse engineer due to Nanotech’s proprietary software algorithms and patented nanostructures, microstructures, and nano-fabrication techniques. M² is exceptionally thin (< 5 micron) and suitable for multiple application processes and substrates.

M² Security Features in Action


M² is highly customizable with respect to size, shape and colour. Ultra-high definition details can be viewed with the naked eye or detected via specialized equipment.


M² has fast, programmable movement enabled by our latest nano-optic technology.


M² enables high-resolution multi-colour images with dramatic inverting effects.

M2 Features


Thickness is indistinguishable from the substrate using our advanced M² nano-optic images without the need for lenses, mirrors, or diffractive gratings.


Our M² delivers security through a customized design that features movement, multiple colours, and image switches.


Ultra-high definition M² nano-optic content works in virtually any condition with programmable animation speed and flexible design.


M² provides multi-authentication with fully integrated overt and covert features.

Examples of M2 Designs Available


NTS Stripe

Geometric Sphere


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