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LiveOptik: Nano-optic Technology Delivers Uncompromising Security and Design Flexibility

LiveOptik™ is a patented technology that utilizes innovative nano-optics one tenth the size of traditional holography to create next generation overt security features customized to our customers’ unique requirements. LiveOptik delivers multi-colour, 3D depth, movement, and image switches for secure brand protection stripes, threads, and labels that are nearly impossible to replicate. LiveOptik images are mastered in a high-tech cleanroom environment using the world’s most sophisticated nano-fabrication techniques.

Nanotech’s LiveOptik™ display technology produces a unique combination of exceptional visual effects for uncompromising security and limitless design flexibility. LiveOptik™ Advantages:

  • Full customization – motion, 3D depth, colour, design
  • Multi-colour palette – full RGB colour, >16 million colours
  • Pure colour – no holographic rainbowing
  • Movement – multi-directional movement
  • 3D depth – three dimensional effects
  • Image switches – flexible design options
  • <5 micron – ultra-thin nano- scale form factor
  • Resolution – 50,000 dpi resolution
  • Mechanism – 50-350 nm structure sizes
  • Secure – combination of overt, covert and forensic features
  • Compatible – with most machine-readable features
  • Originations – unique nano-optic technology platform using e-beam lithography

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Based on Nanotech’s LiveOptik™ nano-optic display technology, our products for brand protection include foils, pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) labels, and online brand protection solutions. Our physical security labels combine movement, depth and colour to deliver uncompromising security.

LiveLogo™ Security Foils & PSA Labels


LivePortrait™ Security Foils & PSA Labels


LumaChrome™ Security Foils & Threads