3D, colour, and movement for intuitive authentication and unparalleled security.


3D, colour, and movement

Nanotech’s customizable KolourDepth™ feature is easy to trigger and intuitive to authenticate. The combination of nano-scale origination, proprietary algorithms, and specialized manufacturing techniques result in a new standard of counterfeit deterrent.

Based on Nanotech’s KolourOptik® nanographic display technology, KolourDepth delivers effortless currency authentication and wide-ranging visual effects.




True Colour At Depth

Rich, vibrant, and colourful images float at multiple layers above and below the surface of the banknote.

Variable Movement

Visual elements move simultaneously at different speeds and directions.

Covert Features

Ultra-high resolution microtext and other detailed visual elements provide multi-level security.

Extremely Thin And Durable

The inherent strength and integrity of nano-scale structures guarantee a highly durable feature with a thickness of under five microns.

Overt Security Features

Mulitple 3D Elements

Multiple Colours

Omni-directional Movement



Covert Security Features




Machine Readability