Authenticate and Secure Government Documents

Governments Require Better Authentication

With document counterfeiting, identity theft and tax evasion on the rise, the need for innovative document security solutions is a priority for governments and individuals alike. Passports, identification documents, tax stamps, e-ID’s, drivers licenses and more, all require robust anti-counterfeiting technology solutions in order to protect from counterfeits. Counterfeit alcohol, cigarettes, documents, restricted medication, cannabis etc. cost worldwide governments billions of dollars annually in lost tax revenue. In addition to the impact to government, counterfeit goods lead to a loss in sales for the manufacturer and damage to their brand due to potentially inferior goods. These illegal goods can also be dangerous to the public as they may include substandard ingredients including potentially dangerous chemicals that could cause loss of life or serious illness. Nanotech enables governments to guarantee the authenticity of these ‘counterfeit prone’ goods by creating a high security nano-optic tax stamp that is easy for the public to validate and extremely difficult to copy.

Our Solution

A new form of nano-optic hologram, created by Nanotech, has changed the security market by being virtually impossible to replicate without using multi-million dollar Electron Beam Lithography machines and decades of nano-optic experience. Our nano-optic security features help governments protect the public from counterfeit goods using solutions that are high resolution, durable, and can be applied onto various materials and substrates. Developed and researched in Canada, Nanotech’s nanotechnology-based solutions contain unique visual effects and elements such as movement, on-off, on-invisible, 3D imagery and colour-shift that are customized for each government’s precise needs. Nanotech’s products are also compatible with common traceability applications (QR codes and track and trace programs) and other tax stamp elements such as intaglio printing. 




Based on Nanotech’s KolourOptik® nano-optic display technology, KolourDepth™ security features deliver movement, 3D depth, and multiple colours that offer a wide array of custom design options to capture and hold the user’s attention, and deliver reliable authentication of documents.

KolourDepth security foils and stripes utilize anti-counterfeiting technology that is easy to trigger and intuitive to authenticate. The combination of patented nano-scale origination, proprietary algorithms, and specialized nano-fabrication techniques result in a unique security feature that is nearly impossible to reproduce or reverse engineer.

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LumaChrome™ colour-shifting film provides exceptional security and intuitive authentication by way of a simple shift from one colour to a second, distinct colour. LumaChrome has been the standard in document and currency security for over two decades and is proven, secure, easy to use and durable.

LumaChrome™ colour-shifting foils and threads offer the brightest colour shift available in the market and are extremely difficult to simulate or reproduce due to the sophisticated production equipment and deeply specialized knowledge required in the manufacturing process.

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