Product Sheets

KolourOptik® Stripe

Nanotech’s KolourOptik® Stripe, exclusive to the banknote industry, uses our award winning nano-optic display technology that combines multi-directional movement, 3D stereo-depth, high resolution, and multiple colours to deliver unique visual effects that are easy to authenticate and difficult to replicate. 


Three-dimensional depth, colour and movement for unparalleled security. Nanotech’s customizable KolourDepth™ feature is easy to trigger and intuitive to authenticate. The combination of nano-scale origination, proprietary algorithms, and specialized manufacturing techniques result in a durable feature that is virtually impossible to reproduce or reverse engineer.


Striking colour transitions that offer easy ID or currency authentication. Lumachrome™️ colour-shifting security foil has been issued in over ten countries and thirty banknote denominations. It experiences virtually no degradation over the lifetime of the substrate and can be readily converted into multiple formats for integration into banknotes, secure documents, and government IDs.