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LumaChrome™ colour-shifting film provides exceptional security and intuitive authentication by way of a simple shift from one colour to a second distinct colour. Colour-shifting film’s impactful colours, simplicity to use, and durability have made it the standard in document and currency security for over two decades. Users can simply tilt a banknote or government ID to see a LumaChrome patch or thread instantly change colour.

Examples of Colour Shifts

LumaChrome Features


LumaChrome security foil has been used in 30 banknote denominations and multiple secure ID applications in over ten countries.


LumaChrome offers easy, intuitive authentication through a colour shift from one colour to another. It is simple to explain and easy to recognize at considerable distances, multiple viewing angles, and variable lighting conditions.


LumaChrome provides striking colour transitions that are extremely difficult to simulate, requiring sophisticated production equipment and specialized knowledge in thin-film optics to produce.


LumaChrome experiences virtually no degradation over the lifetime of the substrate and can be readily converted into multiple application formats for integration into banknotes, secure documents, and government IDs.


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