Case Studies

LumaChrome: Enhanced Banknote Security with LumaChrome Colour-Shifting Film

LumaChrome colour-shifting film has been employed in the banknote and government market space for more than two decades. Branded as an Optical Security Device (OSD), the technology was first developed by the bank of Canada in conjunction with The National Research Council of Canada.


LumaChrome – A Proven, Anti-counterfeiting Solution for Banknote Authentication, Govt. ID and High Security Documents

This paper introduces Nanotech’s colour shifting LumaChrome product that has been used to authenticate banknotes for over 20 years. LumaChrome colour shifting film changes from one distinct colour to another distinct colour when tilting the film yielding an intuitive and easy to use solution which is extremely difficult to replicate. Availability in multiple formats from a security patch for government ID cards to full thread insertion into banknotes, LumaChrome is a highly versatile and powerful tool for securing documents and products.

A Nanotechnology-based Platform for Next-generation Optically Variable Devices

This paper introduces Nanotech’s optically variable device (OVD) platform technologies, based on sub-wavelength nano-scale structures and their novel processing for high throughput manufacturing. The origination of nano-scale master shims for embossing and casting has been optimized for precision and throughput of large-scale shims. This new technique for originating OVDs creates distinctive, highly visible colours that are much more discernable than current holographic micro-scale grating-based structures, even in low-light environments.

Nano-optic Display Technology based on Subwavelength Diffractive Structures

Nanotech’s nano-optic display technology employs sub-wavelength nano-scale diffractive structures and proprietary algorithms to enable high impact visual designs, product authentication, and brand protection. The technology’s visual effects include RGB true colour (24 bit), high-contrast movement, on/off effects, and image switches; all using diffraction efficiencies approaching the theoretical maximum. Viewing angles up to 180 degrees along the horizontal axis and pixel resolutions up to 12,700 ppi have also been demonstrated.

Depth Perception – An Important Authentication Tool for Security Features

Authentication in the field of document security continues to be a major concern for many governments, organizations, companies, as well as individuals. There are many security features in the market that do a fair job in providing security; yet each have strengths and weaknesses with many having peaked technologically. A need exists for a new technology platform that can provide secure, memorable and fast visual authentication. Realizing the importance of depth as an authentication tool, Nanotech steps up to this challenge with its cutting-edge technology, inhouse expertise, proprietary software and methodology, and presents a new authentication platform, which successfully incorporates 3D stereo-depth, a rich spectrum of colours, and movement effects in one security feature.