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Winning The Battle Against Counterfeit Apparel

In the retail and fashion industry, originality is everything. With the quantity and quality of counterfeit products on the rise, the need for innovative brand protection security solutions to ensure consumers are getting authentic products is critical to brand owners.

As your brand grows, bad actors are never far behind. Fake apparel damages brand value and organizations are left to deal with poor quality dupes, logo abuse, patent & copyright infringement, pricing violation and consumer engagement. Nanotech’s brand protection solutions deliver an exceptional blend of enhanced security and immediate visual impact as customers authenticate your product.

According to OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), fakes account for 3.3% of global trade ($509 billion) while clothing and footwear accounted for 38% of civil seizures. 44% of industry experts agreed that large-scale counterfeit networks erode brand value more than gray markets or unauthorized listings on social media platforms.

Our Solution

We understand that Brand impersonation runs rampant, and it quickly permeates industries involved in fashion and clothing retail. Nanotech are leaders in protecting authentic apparel and fashion goods using leading-edge nanotechnology. Nanotech develops custom security labels that are difficult to replicate due to our patented nano-optic technology developed for protecting banknotes from counterfeits. Our advanced authentication technology seamlessly integrates into hangtags, apparel packaging, multiple substrates and invites consumers to engage with the products to ensure the product is genuine. Nanotech Brand Protection solutions protect and help fashion brands by offering secure product authentication, track and trace capability and differentiated brand enhancing images.



Based on Nanotech’s LiveOptik® nano-optic display technology, LiveLogo™ security labels employ Nanotech’s image-switch technology to create a unique and compelling three-image story. LiveLogo’s rich colours capture and hold a customer’s attention as they tilt the product to experience multiple image transitions that can include movement and 3D depth.

LiveLogo™ security foils and labels are fully customizable and can include items such as a logo, tagline, product image and other security features that are near impossible to reproduce.

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Based on Nanotech’s LiveOptik® nano-optic display technology, LivePortrait™ security labels deliver high-fidelity images with striking visual elements to create a memorable and enduring visual experience. LivePortrait’s rich colours and ultra-high resolution images will “wow” customers as they inspect and authenticate the product.

LivePortrait™ security foils and labels are fully customizable and are ideal for showcasing an endorsement model or a high-fidelity product image that is near impossible to reproduce.

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Colour Shift optical thin film has been the standard in document and currency security for over two decades, providing exceptional security and intuitive authentication. Now available to protect products with a custom colour palette, LumaChrome™ is proven, secure, easy to use and durable.

LumaChrome™ Colour Shift foils and threads offer the brightest colour shift available in the market and are extremely difficult to simulate or reproduce due to the sophisticated production equipment and deeply specialized knowledge required in the manufacturing process.

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